Sunday, December 13, 2009

To catch you up...

Sorry this has been long in the writing, but I will try to update more on here. To catch you up a bit Ro and I just celebrated our 1 year anniversary and it was wonderful. Life had been a little crazy so we just stayed home, watched a movie, and made dinner. It was perfect! We decided not to do anything big becaue we are going to Colorado on December 13th, so we will celebrate up there. I also finished school this semester and recieved a 4.0 for the semester. I am very proud of myself:) All I have left now is student teaching and I am a college graduate! Well for now anyway. I have decided to go to grad school and I plan on starting grad school in the summer after I graduate. One day I will not be a college student, but not today. I will be student teaching in White Settlement in 5th grade and Knd. I love White Settlement and I cannot wait to start my student teaching.
Ro is doing good as well. He has found a new love for hunting and he just loves it. He got his first deer the day after Thanksgiving and he was so excited. I went to the deer stand one morning with him, but 30 degree weather and 5:30am do not mix well with me. You know you are not a hunter when you bring your book to the deer stand. Yes, as soon as the sun came up over the trees I was reading. I could have cared less about the deer, I was really into my book. Ro also tried ot put Christmas trees up in the front yard made from lights. I thought they looked good, but he really does not like them. He says they need to be LED, but it was fun to have lights up outside this year.
We are leaving for Colorado on Sunday the 13th and we are both super excited! Ro's parents are going too and they have never been before, so we are really excited for them to go with us. Ro's mom, Dorothy, has never seen real snow before and she can't wait to see all the snow up there. I will post pictures of the trip this week.

Monday, July 13, 2009


Sunday- Well to start off let me just say what a blessing it was that Calleigh slept the entire car ride here! I mean did not wake up until we pulled through the camp gates. The other three girls and I rocked out to Brittany Spears and Taylor Swift the entire ride here. It was a grand old time. We had a pit stop at Sonic where we all loaded up on chicken and Dr. Pepper. After that we were at camp. We got into our room and got all of our things settled and then we were off to go ride scooters and meet up with the boys. We ate pizza for dinner and had a small worship service where lance led us in worship. After that it was bed time where we fell asleep to the movie Pocahantus. Good day, we will see you on Monday!

Monday- We got up at around 9:00am to a VERY COLD room and Calleigh was cuddled up next to me like a cat. Bayleigh was under the covers no where to be found. Calleigh took a swim in the bath tub this morning and liked it very much. Her bath was much warmer than the room. We each ate a strawbery bar for breakfast and milk. It is very hot here so we have resorted to crafts indoors while Calleigh takes a nap. Bayleigh, Hannah, Keller, and Kennedy all painted rocks and made jewelry. Bayleigh and Kennedy also are learning to make braid jewelry. It is a good thing that Carol Anne and I love crafts because these girls sure do! All the churches are here now and we love the t-shirts this year. Yes Tracie, we got you shirts:) Below are some interesting things you might want to know. ENJOY!

Quote of the day- Kennedy-"Sorry for spraying you"
Keller-"Sorry does not get me dry!"
1. Bayleigh woke up to a new bike which is "Blaze Red" and is doing really great riding it
2. Calleigh can now ride the scooter for about 10 "scoots" all by herself. It is pretty impressive.
3. I now know that a 2 year old can take up and push an adult all the way to the side of the bed, again impressive.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

For this week...

This week has been nothing but working late and going to school in the morning. I never knew you could miss someone you live with and see everyday? It seems like this week the only time Ro and I have talked this week was right before going to bed, not very good communication. And to make it even better I leave tomorrow for Louisiana for a gymnastics meet and will not be back till about 10pm on Sunday night. On Tuesday and Wednesday I taught lessons in school and they both went really well. On Tuesday I taught science and math and Wednesday I taught English to ELL students. Yesterday they used props to retell the story and I was crying at one point from laughing so hard. As I was walking into the school yesterday I started to think I am starting to turn into a teaher more and more every day. I now own a rolling cart to put all my books/computer in, yesterday I wore tights, and I have woken up before 7:00am every day this week. I guess this had to happen one day, but I am not going to lie, I miss the days that I could sleep till 10:00am and not do anything till the afternoon. The days of 11:00am breakfast and watchign TV all day are gone and I knew this would have to happen one day and now it is here. I am sure with plenty of Monster drinks and early bed times will get me use to this nes schedule.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Trinty and Anderson

This is Trinity(right) and Anderson (left) on the way to the vet. They love to ride in the car. Putting thier heads out the window is one of thier favorite past times.
Anderson giving me some love. One of my favorite pictures with him:)

Ro and Anderson out at Ro's parents house. This picture is the best, love it.

Ice Days...

Well for the past two days we have had ice days here in Weatherford and had no school or work. It is a little crazy and I am sure the people up North are laughing that we have closed the schools, businesses, and government offices. The roads are bad today, but yesterday nothing was bad. My mom and I got to go shopping and we had dinner with my dad. Ro got off at 2pm so it was nice to have him home half the day. We made soup and had a good "at home" night. Our dogs were very happy that I was home all day because they did not have to stay outside. I will try and find some pictures of them and post them. They are our children for the next few years. Trinity is a girl and Anderson is the boy, we love them both so much and they make us laugh almost every day. Enjoy the cold weather:)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The happy couple.

Randy, Jayme, and Ro at Celebrate Freedom watching Jared. The greatest friends we have. Love them.
Ro and I in Tennessee last summer. We got to stay in a cabin in the mountains with Ro's parents and Jake and Jody.
My girls praying over me before the wedding. These ladies were such a claming spirt with me through out the whole day.